Overcharge claims are for shipments paid in full only. If you have not yet paid in full for your shipment and want to report a problem with the amount you were charged, please send a full description of the problem (including pro number) to your Sales Representative or call Customer Service at 800-610-6500.
Overcharge claims must be filed within 180 days of pickup (see Item 179 in Tariff 100 for specific provisions). We acknowledge claims within 30 days of receipt and decide all claims as quickly as possible.
This online form is the preferred method of submitting overcharge claims; it accommodates up to 10 PRO numbers. To file a claim with more than 10 PRO numbers, choose one of these options:
  1. Email complete claim information to OverchargeClaims@yrcfreight.com. (Be sure your claim includes all information requested below on the online form; include pro numbers and amounts in an attached spreadsheet or in the body of the email).
  2. Print the PDF overcharge claim form in the Forms Library and send it via fax or US mail as instructed on the form.
To expedite the processing of your claim, please enter all information below. Required fields are noted by an asterisk*
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