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Inquiry Date: MARCH 11 2021
Effective date: OCTOBER 27 2020
  DEFINITION - Through no fault of the carrier, applies when the carrier's
  trailers with tractors or power units are delayed or detained.  
  APPLICATION - Charges will be assessed against the payor of the freight
  charges unless payment has been guaranteed to the satisfaction of the
  carrier by the consignor, consignee or third party. When there is more
  than one payor, charges will be prorated based on the weight of each
  individual shipment subject to the minimum charge as noted herein. 
  In the case of multiple shipments received from one shipper or delivered
  to one consignee at one time in one vehicle, free time will be computed on
  the aggregate weight of the multiple shipments received or delivered.  
  FREE TIME - Where either a single shipment or such multiple shipments
  exceed the capacity of one vehicle, free time for each vehicle will be
  computed separately. 
                                              Free Time In 
  Actual Weight Per Stop                      Minutes Per Vehicle 
  Less than 1,000                             15 minutes 
  1,000 through 4,999                         30 minutes 
  5,000 through 9,999                         40 minutes 
  More than 9,999                             60 minutes 
  When the delay or detention occurs at or near the customer's property;
  e.g. security check, back up of traffic entering the customers property
  etc., the carrier's driver will note the time of arrival and calculation
  of time will start. The driver may notify the consignor or consignee at
  that point when possible, but it is not a prerequisite. When the delay or
  detention occurs on the customer's property, calculation of time begins
  when the carrier's driver notifies a representative of the shipper or
  consignee of the arrival of the trailer for loading or unloading. Time
  will end on completion of loading or unloading and receipt by the driver
  of a signed bill of lading or receipt of delivery. 
  When loading and unloading occurs, calculation of time for loading will
  not begin until the unloading is completed and vice versa. Any increment
  of time longer than 15 minutes will be rounded up to the next 15 minute
  increment, e.g. 34 minutes will be rated as 45 minutes. 
  When the loading or unloading of a vehicle cannot be completed at the end
  of a normal business day, shipper or consignee may request that the
  trailer without the tractor remain at its premises. In such case, free
  time will cease and detention without power will begin with applicable
  free time. 
  When the loading or unloading of a vehicle cannot be completed at the end
  of a normal business day, shipper or consignee may request that the
  trailer with power return to the terminal. Free time will be suspended, if
  not expired, and resume upon return of the vehicle with power the next
  business day. That portion of the shipment in the possession of the
  carrier is subject to storage charges. The portion of the shipment that is
  redelivered is subject to a redelivery charge. 
  The carriers records will be used to maintain a record of the delay time
  unless the shipper stamps or marks delivery receipt with time or arrival
  and departure. 
  For definition of terms see item 110. 
  For explanation of abbreviations and reference marks see item 9999. 
                                      TABLE 1                                     
                                     Q U A N T I T I E S
    TYPE    TYPE                                  UNIT OF ACTUAL/
    ALL              53.30 $   15MN                             - NADEGN
    ALL    MIN       35.00 $   SHPT                             - NADEGN
    ALL              79.50 $   HOUR                             - WODEGN
    ALL    MIN       79.50 $   SHPT                             - WODEGN

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